Numero 9 in the Self Titled 10: Unified Theory

Posted on August 5, 2012


9: Unified Theory – ‘Unified Theory’

Something of a supergroup from back in the day, Unified Theory were made up of members of Pearl Jam and Blind Melon, Unified Theory released a single album that was just made up of Great American Rock Songs. The sort of stuff that should be all over radio, and it’s difficult to understand why it isn’t. Songs like ‘Cessna’, ‘Wither’ and ‘The Sun Will Come’ are soulful rock songs with big choruses and a lot of thought, that are nigh on impossible to dislike. Chris Shinns vocals throughout are an absolute joy, a mixture of Jeff Buckley and Brandon Boyd that is dripping in charisma and passion. They come to the fore most clearly on the closing duo of ‘Not Dead’ and ‘Keep On’, with the latter showing Paul Stott once again that horns have a place in rock music, if used properly. It is ‘AM Radio’ that is the albums standout though, with a chorus that just plasters a smile on your face that stays there until sundown. It is created for summer, it sounds like summer, it is summer. This is a classic forgotten album that everyone should have in their life. If that isn’t enough, then the end of ‘Instead of Running’ is just humongous. Enjoy.

Download: ‘AM Radio’, ‘Cessna’.