Night Shift Logic: Money in the Bank 2013

Posted on July 15, 2013


I’m already tired of using the word, but I can’t describe that PPV with any word other than underwhelming. With the exception of the opening ladder match and Daniel Bryan’s glorious flurry of offence towards the end, everything was okay to meh to frustrating. Especially the last couple of matches. I have absolutely no idea why John Cena must always be booked to win AGAINST ALL THE ODDS, and then the commentators start taking turns to Pacific Rim the guy. No wonder 50% of the audience despises him. It also gave me serious deja vu to the Cena/Batista WMania match from a few years back. A guy of the character and stature of Mark Henry should not be tapping out, at all.

The Red Briefcase was frustrating as well. The match itself was great, really entertaining, edge of the seat stuff, but I really think they missed a trick with Daniel Bryan. The phrase ‘strike whilst the iron is hot’ exists for a reason, and there isn’t a professional wrestler in the world right now who can touch that man. After decimating everyone, having him cleanly claim the case would have been the making of a new star. As it was, we’re looking at a Summerslam feud with Curtis Axel. There really must be an imprint of his face on the glass ceiling by now. The Punk/Heyman stuff was well done though, even though it immediately detracted from Bryan’s moment. Orton winning? No thank you.

I adored the opening match however. The all heel dynamic actually worked well, and it made for an interesting watch. Cody Rhodes was an absolute star, and I’ve written about his babyface potential way too much already but this proved it. Cesaro and Swagger actually came across as a great little team as well, although put Cesaro with anyone and you have gold. Ambrose and Fandango provided highlights, and Wade Barrett was more interesting than he has been for months. Sandow winning was a surprise but the case will be a great crutch for his character, and the ensuing feud with Cody should be great fun.

That was the highlight of an otherwise frustrating evening.

PS: Damien Sandow or Ben Davies?