Belgrade Noise – KC Grad – 20/03/2014

Posted on March 21, 2014



I’m most definitely pro-noise.

A band called Belgrade Noise is quite obviously going to tickle my feathers, and my feathers were tickled pink. Almost unbelievably (but quite obviously true), this was the first time I had seen an actual band at KC Grad. Yes, I saw a French hip-hop duo once, but that doesn’t count because French hip-hop is the only thing worse than hip-hop. So I trundled my sorry behind to KC Grad last night, in anticipation of some fascinating improvised jazz noise. I wasn’t disappointed.

The set started with a vibe not too dissimilar to A Silver Mt. Zion, a slow building soundscape designed to get lost and confused in. I don’t mean that in a ‘lose yourself’ cliché type of way, more in a brain going into sedation kind of way. And it was excellent. This bled into a far more energetic piece, reassuring my riff-deprived heart. Again, fantastic. The band were then joined by a synth player and a vocalist, and in this writers opinion they didn’t really bring too much to this party. The vocalist I remembered from the opening of Drugstore’s garden last year, and it just isn’t something I quite understand. Think of that middle vocal from ‘Knife Party’ (Deftones), only constantly. Sure, I’m pro-experimentation and trying new things, but no. The music around it was still great however. Good work, Belgrade Noise.

Then I got drunk on a boat. 

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