2014: Albums 10 – 6

Posted on December 19, 2014


Lists! Lists! Lists! Here’s a list of albums that I really really liked, but not as much as five other albums. In an actual order as well, excellent.

10: Mono // The Last Dawn/Rays of Darkness
If you don’t know what Mono do by now, you never will know. It’s going to be quiet, it’s going to be rather gorgeous and every now and then it’s going to go loud and it’s most likely going to take your face with it on the way to nirvana. A double album was released this year (because why not?), and the second half of aforementioned record showcases Mono at their loudest. I’m pro-loud. Sure, it isn’t reinventing anything, it isn’t pushing all the envelopes, but why is this always vital? It’s okay to enjoy music for no reason other than you enjoy how it sounds.

9: Le Butcherettes // Cry is for the Flies
‘The support band were called Le Butcherettes’, I think you’d like them’. Eric Wiedemann wasn’t wrong. I can’t work out if the album is disgusting or fun or a wicked combination of the two (the answer is obviously option three there).

8: Sharon Van Etten // Are We There
I heard ‘Tramp’ by accident and fell in love with it (look how easy it is to use the word ‘love’), so the release of a new Van Etten album was most welcome. ‘Are We There’ is a wonderful album, Van Etten’s vocals in particular shining like a newly printed pound. ‘Afraid of Nothing’ opens the album, and you can insert your own ‘waking up in sunshine with a bright outlook’ analogy here.

7: Manchester Orchestra // Cope
I’m pretty sure they are quietly becoming one of the world’s most consistent rock bands. I don’t know how big they are in general because, you know, I live in Slovenia, but with each passing album Manchester Orchestra get a little bit better. They sort of remind me of a hypothetical country where things gradually improve over time with no drama, no crises. They are the musical equivalent of Denmark.

6: Shellac // Dude Incredible
First of all, ‘Dude Incredible’ is possibly the best album title of the entire year. No, there isn’t a comma missing. Shellac somehow manage to sound like they are equal parts begrudgingly making albums and loving every second of it. They give the impression of wanting nothing to do with being in a band, but then coming together to produce albums like ‘Dude Incredible’, free of any and all strings and aiming for nothing more than personal enjoyment. It’s fucking brilliant. Sidenote, look at that album cover. Incredible.

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