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Posted on June 20, 2015


KoRn – ‘Issues’ (1999)

Oh KoRnBack in the day, before they started pissing around with dub step or whatever that stuff is called, you knew exactly what you were getting with arguably the  biggest nu-metal band to have ever existed. The riffs would be chunky, Fieldy would slap his bass nonsensically, there would be a lot of toms in the drums and Jonathan Davis would sing/shout about being miserable. There would be a little bit in the middle with some whispering or gibberish before everything hit the fan and enthusiastic teens worldwide would go a little bit mad. There would also be choruses the size of mountains, meaning older songs such as Freak On A Leash and Got the Life could chart fairly highly as singles and no one would be overly shocked.

Issues is the band at the peak of their powers for me. The album might be a little long at 16 songs, Davis’ lyrics still border on the silly and all the KoRn cliche boxes are ticked off one by one. Still, it works, and it is bloody wonderful. Issues contains more grin-like-a-shit moments than most nu-metal albums, a fact that is undoubtedly helped by their status during my teenage years, but come on. The last chorus of Falling Away From Me? That silly fill before the kick in towards the end of Counting? The glass-like opening guitar part of Somebody, Someone? Fuck, the whole outro of Somebody, Someone demands placement on this list.

Listen: Somebody, Someone, Hey Daddy.

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