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The Undiscovered Gem of 2011

December 8, 2011


Grouper – ‘Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill’ (2009) This was Will Harris’ idea to be true, and I’ll probably do it every year that I do one of these ridiculous things. The idea is to talk about an album released years ago that I had not found until this year, and have grown […]

The John Bills 100…with a different twist.

September 25, 2011


All the Good Things in this World This is very premature to be writing about this I suppose, but hey, I get overexcited. I have been planning this for a while, and we’ve started. Over the last 7 years (going back to my last year of high school, through college, university and traveling), I have […]

The John Bills 100: 01

July 8, 2011


01: Deftones – ‘White Pony’ So here we have it, after 6 months of listing and repeating the same cliches over and over, we finally come to my all time favourite album. Was there any doubt? When compiling this list, I put together a shortlist of 150 and then put them all into groups of […]

The John Bills 100: 02

July 7, 2011


02: Tool – ‘Lateralus’ The term ‘journey’ is one that is vastly overused when it comes to describing music. Concept type albums are a pound a penny these days, and it seems that since the death of the CD and the rise of the mp3 bands almost go out of their way now to produce […]

The John Bills 100: 03

July 6, 2011


03: Fiona Apple – ‘When the Pawn Hits…’ Oh, Fiona. This is the highest placing album that was given to me by the wonderful Patch Farmer, and good christ did it ever kick me in the arse musically. I’d heard about Fiona Apple only through a bit of MTV and South Park (well, if you […]

The John Bills 100: 04

July 5, 2011


04: yourcodenameis:milo – ‘Ignoto’ My favourite band of all time. Yeah, there areĀ 2 bands yet to come in this list who are ‘better’, but out of every band that has every existed, none have meant more to me personally than this group of 5 northern fools. I first came across them on the good old […]

The John Bills 100: 05

July 3, 2011


05: Cave In – ‘Jupiter’ For 44 minutes in 2000, Cave In were perfect. From the opening bombast of the title track right through to the apocalyptic ending of ‘New Moon’, this record is nigh on perfect. I first came across Cave In when they were supporting the Foo Fighters on the tour for ‘One […]