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John Bills 100: 95

July 21, 2015


95: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy // I See A Darkness (1999) In a slightly dark but fairly apt introduction to Mr Billy, I first heard his work whilst watching a documentary called ‘Invisible’ during a night shift in Belgrade, in 2012. The documentary focused on five adults in the capital of Sofia who had varying degrees […]

John Bills 100: 96

July 5, 2015


96: Brainiac Hissing Prigs in Static Couture (1996) I never understood why people were so excited about the Rolling Stones. Of course, I wasn’t a teenager when they exploded onto the world. By the time my musical development came around they were essentially re-animated corpses, trotted out to a baying public whenever a festival needed a […]

John Bills 100: 97

July 3, 2015


97: Sharon Van Etten // ‘Tramp’ (2012) I don’t remember how I came to hear this album. Maybe it ranked particularly high on some list in 2012. It definitely wasn’t recommended to me. Either way, hear it I did, and boy am I glad I did. Opening with the kinda lazy kinda not jangle of Warsaw, […]

John Bills 100: 98

June 20, 2015


KoRn – ‘Issues’ (1999) Oh KoRn. Back in the day, before they started pissing around with dub step or whatever that stuff is called, you knew exactly what you were getting with arguably the  biggest nu-metal band to have ever existed. The riffs would be chunky, Fieldy would slap his bass nonsensically, there would be a […]

John Bills 100: 99

June 14, 2015


And So I Watch You From Afar – ‘Gangs’ (2011) As a genre, post-rock can tend to be a little po-faced. Long, introspective sequences followed by dark noise, whilst it is often remarkably moving (and there’s plenty of it to come in this list) it is also easy to see why many would try to, […]

John Bills 100: 100

June 13, 2015


Sam Goodwill – ‘History’ (2012) This is a wonderfully sophisticated record. Sam Goodwill is quite obviously the super nice guy you know in school who also happens to be mega talented, humble about it too. He sings like a man three times his age, writes songs that go all over the place whilst tethered to […]

2014: Album of the Year

December 31, 2014


Möngöl Hörde // Möngöl Hörde Each and every year, this whole deciding on a favourite album from the year seems to be nothing more than a foregone conclusion from May onwards. In 2011, Des Ark waltzed off with the title before I’d even finished listening through the album the first time. Every Time I Die […]