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2014: Albums 5 – 2

December 30, 2014


5: Old Man Gloom // The Ape of God Part of me has always wanted to be in a band like Old Man Gloom. An album every now and then, maybe one or two shows a year, just getting together with likeminded people and doing whatever it is you want to do musically. ‘The Ape […]

2014: Other Albums

December 11, 2014


End of year lists are quite like crack to me. As a child I was a list-maker to the point of obsession, lists of cricket players, dinosaurs, crisps, god knows what else. Music became more and more important in my begrudging existing as my teenage years built in number, but there was no let up […]

2014: Ten Songs

December 5, 2014


I refrained from these year in review lists last year for some reason, I can’t quite remember why. Either way, I shan’t make the same mistake this year, so here we are to begin. There were a load of really wonderful songs released this year, spanning the genres and tickling different udders within all of […]

Alanis Morissette : Uninvited

July 24, 2014


Over-analysing is a dangerous thing, albeit one of the most glorious when it comes to music. With regards to individual songs, it is especially dangerous. All manner of cliches are thrown around, in an attempt to encourage individuals to think that what they are hearing is somehow more important than they initially realised, because our […]

The Great Years of Britrock 3

February 9, 2014


Harald Math Three and Other Adventures

February 8, 2014


General personal update. I’m moving to Slovenia to work for In Your Pocket. Harald Math three is underway. If you weren’t aware, you can download albums one and two for zero money, at the addresses in those links there. Album three is to be entitledĀ The Enormous Last Day of LifeĀ and will include either 11 songs. […]

Thursday Thive: Houdini

February 6, 2014


Sludge, sludge, sludge, sludge. Tune it low, play it slow. Whilst thrash metal might get the thousands wet, it’s the slow filthy stuff that truly encapsulates everything that is wonderful about this genre. There aren’t many better exponents of the craft than Melvins, the trio from Washington, US. They’ve released about 90000 albums in the […]