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Cinema Club: Dreams (1990)

July 24, 2013


‘Dreams’ (1990, Akira Kurosawa) I have a confession. I’m nowhere near as smart as I like to think I am. I remember being five years old, and just starting out in school. I was smart then, so smart that me and Ginny Hopton were practically singled out as the smart kids. The came Primary school, […]

Cinema Club: Possible Worlds (2000)

July 13, 2013


‘Possible Worlds’ (Robert Lepage, 2000) The brain is a terrifying thing. I think most people with a curious brain will have toyed with the idea of parallel worlds at some point in their life. That somewhere, somehow, an individual is living multiple existences, with a host of similarities but always slight differences. ‘Primer’ latched onto […]

Cinema Club: Harold and Maude (1971)

July 11, 2013


Harold and Maude (Hal Ashby, 1971) ‘If you want to sing out, sing out. If you want to be free, be free. There are a million things to be’. I remember telling my Mum once that I’d never truly been happy. I’ve since discovered that it was a lie, and that happiness is something I […]

Cinema Club: Scenes from a Marriage (1974)

July 10, 2013


Scenes from a Marriage (Ingmar Bergman, 1974) This is regarded as something of a classic I suppose. Originally a six part television series, Bergman stripped it down to provide a film version that spanned a mere 162 minutes. It follows the trials and tribulations of Johan and Marianne, a fairly well off married couple. Their […]

Cinema Club: The Man Without a Past

July 3, 2013


The Man Without a Past (2002) This film starts in a particularly inauspicious way. An unidentified man is on a train heading to a city, for reasons unexplained. He has a single suitcase with him, and an air of nonchalance in the hopeless sense. He gets off the train without a care, and eventually falls […]

Cinema Club: Little Murders

July 2, 2013


Little Murders (1971) Little Murders is a particularly dark comedy film released in 1971. It centres around the relationship of Patricia Newquist, a control freak of an interior designer, and Alfred Chamberlain, brilliantly played by Elliot Gould, more famous for his role in Friends. I think he was the father of Ross and Monica, but […]

Cinema Club: A Woman Under the Influence

June 26, 2013


A Woman Under the Influence (1974) ‘Just be yourself’. John Cassavetes’ 1974 classic is a harrowing watch. No, I don’t mean harrowing in the gorey sense, or harrowing in the ‘it’s really terrible’ sense. This is harrowing in the most human of ways, much like ‘Notes from the Underground’ or the lyrics to the last […]