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WrestleMania XXXII: 5th Annual Expert Preview

April 3, 2016


WrestleMania, bitches. Another year has passed, and yet again WrestleMania is upon us. This year the roster is decimated by injuries, and as such the card has something of a thrown-together feel to it. Somehow this has led to a selection of matches that may give us a better show than whatever they had planned […]

WrestleMania XXXI: 4th Annual Expert Predictions

March 29, 2015


So, here we are once more. It’s Wrestlemania time, and we all know how I feel about Wrestlemania. The expert predictions are back as well, this time with some new additions! Let’s look at the panel… John: Me. Barry: The other wrestling fan involved here. I’ve known him longer than any other friend. Rich: Excellent […]

Wrestling is Awesome XLVI: Kota Ibushi vs. A Doll

October 27, 2014


Somebody once tried to convince me that pro wrestling was fake. Now, concerning the obvious blasphemy espoused by this chump, what would bring a man to say such piffle? When Mick Foley was thrown off the roof of the cell, was that fake? When Joey Mercury’s nose got practically smashed off of his own face via […]

Wrestling is Awesome XLV: Basement Hurricanrana

September 15, 2014


Hurricanranas tend to suck these days, mostly because they are sloppy (hi Sin Cara) and pretty darn contrived. Still, this version is a lucha-esque move that looks brutal, something I find to be a bit of a rarity. Here’s Amazing Red hitting Nick Jackson with it, and if there’s one thing the Bucks do well, […]

Wrestling is Awesome XLIV: Rainmaker

August 4, 2014


More and more people (myself included) are wising up to the fact that New Japan Pro Wrestling is, as the kids would say, ‘where it is at’ right now regarding pro wrestling. The G1 Climax mega tournament is in full flow, and although I haven’t seen much I’ve seen enough to know that something special […]

WrestleMania XXX: 3rd Annual Expert Predictions

April 6, 2014


It is WrestleMania time folks. We all know what this means by now, an excitable evening of pomp, pizzazz and power slams. A lot of alcohol, a little bit of gambling and falling asleep before it’s all over. There is a difference this year though. For the first time I’ll be watching from outside the […]

Wrestling is Awesome XLIII: Sister Abigail

March 24, 2014


Bray Wyatt is quite obviously the best thing going in professional wrestling at the moment. This year has seen his in ring work start to match up with his almost-perfect character chops, with his showing against Daniel Bryan at the Rumble particularly impressive. The Wyatts are still mostly taking part in 6 mans however, and […]