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WrestleMania XXXII: 5th Annual Expert Preview

April 3, 2016


WrestleMania, bitches. Another year has passed, and yet again WrestleMania is upon us. This year the roster is decimated by injuries, and as such the card has something of a thrown-together feel to it. Somehow this has led to a selection of matches that may give us a better show than whatever they had planned […]

WrestleMania XXX: 3rd Annual Expert Predictions

April 6, 2014


It is WrestleMania time folks. We all know what this means by now, an excitable evening of pomp, pizzazz and power slams. A lot of alcohol, a little bit of gambling and falling asleep before it’s all over. There is a difference this year though. For the first time I’ll be watching from outside the […]

Wrestling is Awesome XXXIII: I’m Not Really Sure What This Is…

September 24, 2013


Erm, yeah.

Wrestling is Awesome XXV: Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

July 8, 2013


I don’t know if I can truly refer to anything as my favourite match of all time. There are so many wonderful bouts in the history of wrestling, it is impossible to focus on just one. Heck, sometimes the greatest matches aren’t all that technically good, it is more about the story, the context, the […]

Thursday Thive: Wrestlemania XXI-XXVII Matches

March 30, 2012


My Top 5 Matches from Wrestlemania XXI-XXVII Wow, I’ve been pretty lax at updating this. Why you ask? Well, because I was recording an album of course! So yeah, ‘Etcetera, Etcetera’ is finished and ‘Etcetera, Etcetera’ is awesome. Free download link will be up on sunday, which of course is Wrestlemania day. How bloody exciting! […]

Thursday Thive: Wrestlemania XI-XX Matches

March 16, 2012


My Top 5 Matches from Wrestlemania XI-XX I don’t think I can put into words just how difficult this was to put together. Between Wrestlemania XI and XX, the WWF became the WWE and they really upped their game when it came to Mania. Somewhere along the way the cards stopped being too long, they […]

Thursday Thive: Wrestlemania I-X Matches

March 8, 2012


My Top 5 Matches from Wrestlemania I-X It’s that time of year again. It’s the time of year where myself and countless wrestling fans around the world abandon our tendency to over analyse it, and revert back to our 6 year old wide eyed selves, cheering on our favourites and booing the guys we hate. […]