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WrestleMania XXXII: 5th Annual Expert Preview

April 3, 2016


WrestleMania, bitches. Another year has passed, and yet again WrestleMania is upon us. This year the roster is decimated by injuries, and as such the card has something of a thrown-together feel to it. Somehow this has led to a selection of matches that may give us a better show than whatever they had planned […]

WrestleMania XXX: 3rd Annual Expert Predictions

April 6, 2014


It is WrestleMania time folks. We all know what this means by now, an excitable evening of pomp, pizzazz and power slams. A lot of alcohol, a little bit of gambling and falling asleep before it’s all over. There is a difference this year though. For the first time I’ll be watching from outside the […]

Wrestling is Awesome XLIII: Sister Abigail

March 24, 2014


Bray Wyatt is quite obviously the best thing going in professional wrestling at the moment. This year has seen his in ring work start to match up with his almost-perfect character chops, with his showing against Daniel Bryan at the Rumble particularly impressive. The Wyatts are still mostly taking part in 6 mans however, and […]

Wrestling is Awesome XLII: Knee Trembler

February 10, 2014


William Regal is equal parts immensely underrated and respected. Sure, maybe there is some little British bias going on here, but it’s going to be a sad thing looking back at a career without a world title. Belts are all but props and a great career in professional wrestling doesn’t require them, but the point […]

Night Shift Logic: Money in the Bank 2013

July 15, 2013


I’m already tired of using the word, but I can’t describe that PPV with any word other than underwhelming. With the exception of the opening ladder match and Daniel Bryan’s glorious flurry of offence towards the end, everything was okay to meh to frustrating. Especially the last couple of matches. I have absolutely no idea […]

Night Shift Logic: That’s What He Do

June 18, 2013


By the time John Cena finished his promo there, I was all prepared to write a complaint about how ridiculous the idea that he had a terrible 2012 is. He came out on top of Kane in their ridiculous feud, he beat Brock Lesnar in his return, then he made The Big Show, Johnny Ace […]

Night Shift Logic: WWE Payback 2013

June 17, 2013


I really enjoyed the majority of this pay per view. But hey, here’s some thoughts from a mind that has been awake for way too long. – Sheamus/Sandow was as expected, a strong match ending in a Brogue. As expected considering how one sided the feud has been. – There was an audible groan of […]