Billsboard: Hajde Novak!

Posted on September 14, 2011


Djokovic wins US Open. Well, what a year he has had. Yeah, I’m pretty biased because he’s Serbian, but the man has gone from lagging behind Federer and Nadal a year ago to being the undisputed number one player in the game today. His record this year is 66 wins, 2 losses, which is pretty unprecedented in the modern game, and one of those losses was a retirement. Compare that with Nadal (57/11) and Federer (47/12) and you have a year of domination. Of course, the test now is to see if it continues, but surely now he’ll get the plaudits his year deserves? The final on Monday evening was an absolute classic, and Rafael Nadal showed that he still an absolutely incredible athlete who will win more grand slam finals than he loses in the future. They are only 24 and 25 respectively as well. What the fuck have I been doing with my life? (

Get out of my apple tree, you damn Elk. In Sweden, the land of blonde folk and immaculate cheekbones, an elk was found stuck up a tree, searching for fermented apples. He was drunk. Disgusting. The Elk was promptly shot and his innards were devoured for tea. Not really, he was cut out, and probably told all his Elk friends the next day that he was never drinking again. A likely story. (

Ouch, my head hurts. Just when the situation couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous, it does. The Albanian population that live in Serbia have now piped up, protesting against the lack of Albanian textbooks in their schools and Serbias refusal to recognise Kosovo. Good god. I consider myself kinda knowledgeable on the subject, regardless of whether I can spell knowledgeable, and this is beginning to hurt my head. I may have to join that Elk. (

What are the reasons for your destruction of our country by the way? A large majority of Afghans have absolute no idea what ‘9/11’ signifies, even though it led to their country being bombed even further into the past. (

Miss Universe crowned. Miss Angola won. I’m going through them now and making my own decision based on the awesomeness of the face of their tiny pictures on the website. Thats sexist in 2011, but isn’t that what they are judged on? Why does this contest exist anyway? What, theres a Miss Kosovo but no Miss Bosnia?! Anyway, they all look the same. Miss Indonesia. Done. (

Vagabondish. (

That’s all folks!

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